2018 Clinicians 

Keynote Speaker

Joseph Naytowhow
Joseph Naytowhow is a gifted Plains/Woodland Cree (nehiyaw) singer/songwriter, storyteller, and voice, stage and film actor from the Sturgeon Lake First Nation Band in Saskatchewan. As a child, he was influenced by his grandfather’s traditional and ceremonial chants as well as the sounds of the fiddle and guitar. Today, he is renowned for his unique style of Cree/English storytelling, combined with original contemporary music and traditional First Nations drum and rattle songs.

An accomplished performer, Joseph is the recipient of the 2006 Canadian Aboriginal Music Award’s Keeper of the Tradition Award and the 2005 Commemorative Medal for the Saskatchewan Centennial. In 2009 Joseph also received a Gemini Award for Best Individual or Ensemble Performance in an Animated Program or Series for his role in the Wapos Bay series. That same year he was also awarded Best Emerging Male Actor at the Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival for his role in Run: Broken Yet Brave and won Best Traditional Male Dancer at John Arcand’s Fiddlefest in Saskatchewan. He has performed for the Prince of Wales, the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan and many other notables. His demanding schedule continues to take him to conferences, symposia, forums, festivals and film sets across Canada, North America and around the world.

Fifteen years of study with a Buddhist master, combined with his Nehiyo/Cree traditional knowledge and his experience as an interdisciplinary artist, has nurtured Joseph’s generosity and compassion for sharing cultural knowledge. He is a much sought after keynote speaker, counselor and educator for children and adults alike. Joseph frequently enjoys opportunities to work as a resident artist and cultural advisor for various organizations, including the University of Saskatchewan, University of Regina and Polytechnic Institutes.

Joseph holds a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Saskatchewan.


Additional Speakers

Steph Davis
Steph Davis teaches Music in the School District of Mystery Lake in Thompson, Manitoba. She is the music specialist at École Riverside School where she teaches K-6 Music in French and English. She is a University of Manitoba graduate and has her Level III Orff Certification. Steph currently serves on the Manitoba Orff Chapter Board of Directors. In 2014, she received the Canadian Music Educators' Association Builders Award for Newer Teachers. In collaboration with Sean Fitzmaurice, these two friends and colleagues created Soundscape Music. Their passion for music education, the Orff approach and teaching children has created a strong and long-lasting partnership. Together, they compose original Orff arrangements, develop lessons, and deliver workshops all over North America. They both love being a part of the energy, creativity and passion that children bring to making music, and they are very excited to be presenting at the 2018 Saskatchewan Music Conference!

Sean Fitzmaurice
Sean Fitzmaurice is the elementary music specialist at Highbury School in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is a University of Manitoba graduate and is certified in Orff Level III. He has served on the board of directors for the Manitoba Orff Chapter and the Manitoba Music Educators’ Association. Sean was the recipient of the 2016 Morna-June Morrow Award for Excellence in Music Education in Manitoba. In collaboration with Steph Davis, these two friends and colleagues created Soundscape Music. Their passion for music education, the Orff approach and teaching children has created a strong and long-lasting partnership. Together, they compose original Orff arrangements, develop lessons and deliver workshops all over North America. Sean’s students perform regularly, whether for a small audience in the music room, one of the many school concerts and musicals, or on the stage at a national Orff conference. Sean is proud to be an Orff music educator, and he is very excited to be attending the 2018 Saskatchewan Music Conference!

Chris Judah-Lauder
Chris Judah-Lauder is a Past President of AOSA with 40 years of experience with K-Grade 8. She was the National Conference Chair for the 2009 and 2017 AOSA Conferences. She is an active clinician for local and international workshops. She is currently serving as a consultant for Title One schools, working directly in the classroom with the music teacher. Chris also has sixteen publications to her name, including Drum with a Passion, Canya Conga, Recorder Games and Games, and Groups and Gems.

Kevin Junk
Kevin Junk has owned and operated Musicraft Instrument Repair Inc. for more than 32 years. Musicraft specializes in the repair of woodwind and brass instruments and last count shows over 54,500 instruments have been tagged in the shop. He has repaired and donated numerous instruments, along with sheet music, books and stands to an orphanage in northern Brazil, a young adult learning center in Peru, an instrument lending library in Kenya, and various places in Central America. Kevin has been involved in music since elementary school and has played in the Saskatoon Youth Orchestra Band, Honour Bands and Orchestras, Saskatoon Symphony, and Saskatoon Jazz Society Big Band.

Lynn Kleiner
Lynn Kleiner’s teaching covers all age groups from infants to adults. She will share the types of activities that have had the most impact. This includes pitch matching games, movement, improvisation, Orff accompaniment, recorder, drama and more for early childhood and elementary.

Lynn Kleiner has been a frequent clinician for state and National MENC/NAME, Orff chapters and AOSA conferences for nearly 35 years. She has presented many times at the International Society of Music, The Australian Orff Association, Orff in Taiwan, Korea, and more. In 1983, Lynn founded her music school, Music Rhapsody, in response to drastic cuts to music programs in California schools. She and her team teach infants through grade 8 in preschools and elementary schools and at the Music Rhapsody classroom. Her instruments from Remo and books/CDs distributed by Alfred publications have won several awards. Lynn created Music Box, an exciting online resource for teachers. Music Rhapsody membership, which includes Music Box, offers all recordings, videos of every activity and lesson plans of Lynn’s classes in eight age groups, available to teachers worldwide upon completion of her online or live teacher training course.

Michael Kurpjuweit
Michael Kurpjuweit teaches 6-8 band and K-5 classroom music at Brunskill School in Saskatchewan for the Saskatoon Public School Division. Ukulele is a fairly new love for him, he has only been playing the instrument seriously for three years. Strumming and singing with the Saskatoon Ukulele Club, teaching himself hundreds of pop/rock/folk/country tunes, creating YouTube videos by layering multiple videos on Acapella, or toying with the Loopy HD app, the primary purpose has been to have fun - and the enjoyment just might be contagious.

Ernie Louttit
The third native police officer in the history of the Saskatoon Police Force, Ernie Louttit came to Saskatoon at the beginning of a period of change both in policing and for First Nations. Issues of crime, violence and racist attitudes going both ways dominated most of his career. In October 2013 he retired and wrote a book about his experiences called Indian Ernie: Perspectives on Leadership and Policing. In April 2015 Ernie’s first book was awarded the Rasmussen, Rasmussen and Charowsky Aboriginal People’s writing award. His second book More Indian Ernie: Insights from the Streets was released in July 2015.

Randi Lynn Nanemahoo-Candline
Randi Lynn Nanemahoo-Candline is a powwow dance instructor, who works at the Wanuskewin Heritage Park in Saskatoon. She holds an Indian Social Work degree and is originally from the Bigstone Cree Nation in Northern Alberta. Her Indigenous cultural teachings and practices have always played a huge part in her identity, helping her to overcome various obstacles in life. As a Jingle Dress dancer, she has also had the opportunity to speak and travel throughout Canada and the United States. “Dancing plays a huge role in my life, and I enjoy sharing my experiences and cultural teachings with others.”


Sarah Sehn
Sarah Sehn is a full time Arts Education teacher in Saskatoon. She has a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from the University of Saskatchewan. She has been a certified Orff teacher since 2016, and she received her Orff training in Halifax and Vancouver. She co-facilitated two workshops hosted by the Saskatchewan Orff chapter in both Saskatoon and Regina last year. Her workshop is Orff-based, and it is rooted in the movement of Rudolph Laban.